HALLOWEEN – Decorating

This is the time of the year where I search the internet looking for crafty ideas for Halloween.   I can always count on Martha Stewart for some excellent ideas as well.   I have already started preparing for my Halloween Party.   Here are a few photo’s from a recent get together I had as my “Halloween Test Party” where I had a few guests over.



Today, my daughter and I decided to make Halloween Hand Jello!!! What is that you ask? It’s orange jello with a hand smack in the middle. Of course it’s not a REAL hand – it’s a grape edible jello hand.   This is how we made this jello-rific recipe dish: My daughter held open a plastic glove and I pored apx. 1 cup of pre-made grape jello (add 1/2 tsp. of knox to the jello – so it firms up) inside and fastened the top with an unused rubber band.   We placed the jello hand in the frigerator and let it sit in there overnight. The next day we cut open the platic hand with a knife and placed the jello hand on top of the orange jello that is firm. I then put some gummy worms around the edge of the jello bowl to give it a colorful, yet creepy look to it.  



We are about to embark on Halloween in the upcoming month, so it’s time to pull out the Halloween treasures!

My mind swells with enthususasium as I open my first Halloween Tub of the year!  

My daughter (Alexis) and I are decorating our “practice” cupcakes for this year.  We typically do this each year to get a few ideas of what we are considering to bake for our Halloween Party.


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